The partnership between  parents and the school is integral to the ethos of Much Wenlock Primary School and should be characterised by a mutual respect by which parents feel they are able to bring their concerns to the attention of the school, at any time, with the expectation they will be listened to and their concerns addressed.

Not all concerns are complaints. A concern is an issue raised by a parent, pupil or other person that is resolved quickly and informally. Most concerns are resolved by discussion with the class teacherEvery effort should be made to allay concerns at this level and with the least possible formality.  The ideal is that no concern should ever become a formal complaint.

Occasionally, however, a concern will be too serious to be handled in this way, perhaps needing greater investigation; or the person concerned may not feel that the answers given so far have been acceptable or adequate.  In such circumstances the concern may become a complaint and the procedures in the School Complaints Procedure document outlines the formal procedure that should be followed in such cases. A copy of this document can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the link below. A hard copy is also available from the school office.

School Complaints Procedure