Mental Wellbeing


All children in England are taught how to look after their mental wellbeing, with a focus on promoting the positive link between physical and mental health.

Growing up and adolescence are hard enough, but the internet and social media add new pressures that just weren’t there even one generation ago. So many things about the way people interact have changed, and this new world, seamless between online and offline, can be difficult to navigate. 

At Much Wenlock Primary School we aim  to equip youngsters better to deal with the world of today. It starts with the importance of friendship, kindness, taking turns; as well as learning about the pitfalls and dangers, including on the internet. We will help children learn how to look after themselves, physically and mentally, and the importance of getting away from the screen and the headphones. 

At Much Wenlock Primary School, pupils will learn that mental wellbeing is a normal part of daily life and why simple self-care – like getting enough sleep and spending time outdoors and with friends – is important.

This will go hand-in-hand with lessons on nutrition, the importance of staying active, and recognising the early signs of physical illness – ensuring pupils understand how mental and physical health are linked.

Children will also be taught age-appropriate online safety – including what to do if they come across things they are uncomfortable with, the importance of respect for others even when posting anonymously, and the risks of talking to people on the internet that they don’t know in real life.

In addition, they will learn how important it is that spending time online doesn’t get in the way of exercising, getting enough sleep, or being an active part of their community.


More information on Mental Wellbeing can be found below.


MindEd is a free online support resource funded by the Department of Health and the Department of Education.

Information leaflet for MindEd.