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for young explorers, aged 2-5 years old

'Nurturing imaginations to become successful, independent explorers'

Our Aim

 As a setting we undertake a working agreement to ensure high aspirations for our children, as well as our aspirations for ourselves as practitioners. We are constantly bettering our skills with training and reflecting on our practise. We have been inspired by the Curiosity Approach, encouraging children to explore and discover the world around them as well as promoting awe and wonder through careful questioning and furthering the children’s learning when necessary. We endeavour to keep the child at the centre of their learning and promote independence and self-directed experiential learning in environments that compliment the home. We aspire to give children opportunities that will help them develop as learners and as young people. We offer an all-round curriculum, focusing on the key skills children need to learn, building week upon week on their learning and achievements. We recognise that technology and screen time is becoming an increasingly larger part of our society, however at Little Willows Early Years we limit the screen time and offer children ample opportunities to explore the great outdoors through forest school and other outdoor learning adventures. We use the Early Years Foundation Stage to support our curriculum combined with the Chris Quigley documentation to ensure our children are applying what they have learnt in adult led tasks, within their child initiated learning. We encourage parents to share their at home learning using Tapestry and are always interested in what our children do out of school hours. In doing so, we are able to create a well-rounded picture of each child and ensure that we are planning to accommodate for each and every one of them. We document the children's individual learning through our learning adventure scrapbooks and share these with parents throughout the school year. 



Important Information:


Forest School:

Wednesday afternoon session and Thursday morning session


Monday morning session



Forest School: 

Monday morning 


Thursday afternoon


 We follow the Jolly Phonics scheme for phonics. Phonics is taught discretely daily. The first aspect of phonics is being able to listen and respond to different sounds. This will start in Nursery sessions. Once your child is in Reception, they will then start to learn to read and write the different letters. 

What does a day in the life of a Reception child look like?