Mrs Jameson's Class

Happy New Year!


This term our topic is Natural Disasters. We will be learning about volcanoes, tsunamis, extreme weather and earth quakes. We will discover why these events occur and investigate the effect they have on the landscape and humans. This will give us great opportunities to write newspaper and official reports and to create warning tales.


In English, we are also involved in a poetry project with another year 5 class in Telford. We will be writing poems inspired by our local environment and then getting together to share our poems. A published poet will be guiding us in this work.


Pupils have tried hard to improve handwriting and it just needs a final push to have everyone using a neat and joined style. Spelling has also improved with the spelling lessons 4 days a week; this will continue this term.


Maths lessons have been giving all pupils great challenges. There is still a need for everyone to work really hard on improving speed and accuracy of recall of multiplication and division facts – knowing them all to 12 x 12 helps in so many topics, including fractions, multiples and factors.


Science lessons will focus on forces with lots of experiments to investigate Newton’s Laws of Motion. Pupils will be encouraged to find ways in which these are applied in everyday life. After half term we will explore the life of plants and learn in more detail how they reproduce.


Our key values this term are RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT. We will aim to develop these values throughout all our work.


In Religious Education, our key questions are: How should we relate to others and the natural world? Why should we care about the planet? Pupils will explore the beliefs of major world faiths in relation to this topic. Then after half term: How do people express their beliefs through worship and celebration? What is there to celebrate? The children will investigate festivals and celebrations in many faiths and then focus upon Easter.


 We are going to build marble runs in design and technology and improve our use of tools and joining techniques. Using Sketch Up on computers, we will make 3d images. After half term, we are planning a visit to an art gallery and then a series of workshops based on The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. Our aim is that pupils get to experience a range of different mediums, such as printing, mosaic and collage. We hope to share our results with families in an exhibition at the end of the project.


PE lessons will be Country Dancing, Invasions Games focusing on netball, Gym with Mr Hulme and orienteering. Kit will be needed on Wednesdays and Thursdays but it is a good idea to have it in school every day in case of timetable changes.


Please feel free to come and see me if you need to. Also remember that I am happy for volunteers to help out in school – hearing readers or helping with times tables.


Have a great term.


Innes Jameson.



See below for an overview of Year 5 spring term