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Much of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is delivered through hands on 'play' activities which staff observe closely.  Every child has an online learning journal where records of their achievements in school are regularly posted for parents/carers to view at home. We are also always interested to know what children have been getting up to out of school with parents/carers able to post their own observations from home onto the Tapestry learning journals. If you have any queries or difficulties with using this online system then please talk to Mrs Hill.


Foundation Stage Nativity Production - The Innkeeper's Breakfast

The Reception class joined with nursery pupils to put on a superb nativity play for family and friends. They worked hard to learn all the songs and enjoyed dressing up in their costumes for the actual performance. 

Topic work Spring 2017 

During the first half term we will be finding out about ‘People Who Help Us’ and we will be initially exploring this topic through ‘superheroes’. We will be looking in detail at occupations such as firefighters, nurses, paramedics, vets, police officers, as well as considering who helps us at home and in school.


After half term our topic will switch to ‘Nursery Rhymes’. A trip is planned to Shrewsbury Museum to view a visiting exhibition titled 'Rhyme Around The World' and take part in a Lego workshop linked to this theme.




This term we will be concentrating on recognising, ordering and using two-digit numbers. It would be really helpful if you could discuss these numbers with your child and the context in which they are being used, if you see them at home or when you are out and about.

We will be using number tracks and lines to count on and back, in order to add or subtract single-digit numbers. Board games are particularly useful for reinforcing this strategy.

Children will also be solving problems involving grouping or sharing objects.



                 Reading and phonics                        

The reception year is very important because it is when children begin to learn to read and write. They will continue to take part in a daily phonics session. This term they will learn the remaining graphemes, most of them comprising two letters. At this stage it is important that letter names are used rather than the sounds single letters usually make. To help with this, we will be learning and singing alphabet songs. Once again, as each new sound is taught, it will be added to individual phonics books for practice at home.    



P.E. will usually be on Tuesday and will involve the children who are not doing Forest School. Please ensure that all children have correct kit with them. Please note that school rules state that all earrings are removed for P.E., unless ears have been pierced within the last six weeks. Long hair must also be tied back. It is recommended that P.E. kit is brought to school on a Monday and left in school for the entire week, just in case for any reason, it is needed on a different day.



Please see below the medium term planning for this term.



Forest school

All children take part in this very popular activity, led by Mrs Walker. To ensure that children gain the most from these valuable sessions the class will be divided into two groups, with each child taking part every other week. Sessions take place on Tuesday afternoons and letters will be sent out detailing the dates your child will be participating. Please ensure suitable clothing is available in school on the correct day. We can only run these sessions with additional adult help and we are very grateful to our current volunteers. If you feel you would be able to assist with Forest School sessions please see Mrs Hill or Mrs Walker.


Homework is sent out on a Wednesday and needs to be returned by the following Monday. Please support your child with this important home/school link. It will take the form of an activity, game, research or worksheet for parents to do with children. At this age, homework is very much a joint activity between child and parent. Please also try to ensure that stories are shared with children on a daily basis, as well as reading/discussing the reading book you will find in your child’s book bag.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mrs Hill