Spring term 2017

'Natural Disasters' is the theme for this term - we will be studying Earthquakes and Volcanoes.  

Please encourage children to bring in topic related items from home to share at any point during the term. 

Please have PE kits everyday just in case! Indoor PE is planned every Monday and Outdoor PE on a Friday, but we do have some surprise sessions planned this half-term.



Children should be reading either independently or with someone at home every day.  They have reading records to bring home which should be filled in every time they read.  We also have daily Guided Reading sessions where the children read with their teacher in a group and complete tasks based on their reading.

In English lessons for the first half-term we are going to be studying the poetry forms Cinquains and Haikus, then exploring and writing our own 'Warning Tales', which will link to our topic.  Punctuation and grammar learning will continue to have a different focus each week, beginning with word families, present perfect tense, direct speech and apostrophes.

 We continue to use 'Read, Write, Inc.' as our spelling scheme.  Children will be taking part in fun, interactive spelling lessons for 20 minutes 4 times a week.   They will not be bringing home weekly spelling lists any more.  Spellings they have found difficult will be written down in a log book and brought home daily.  Children will be tested on these at various points of the term.

Handwriting and presentation are really improving in Year 3 thanks to the focus on this last term.  We have already given out lots of 'pen licences' and are looking forward to giving out even more.

Homework is set on a Thursday and due in on a Tuesday.

Please have your Ukulele in school on a Wednesday.  Watch this space for details of our first performance.




Children should be learning their times tables up to 12 x 12 so they can quickly recall and use them.  By the end of Year 3 they are expected to know multiplication and division facts for 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 4x and 8x tables.

 We are now using a Maths scheme called 'Busy Ants' as the foundation of daily Maths lessons.  In the Spring term this will focus on the following areas of mastery:

Measurement (time)

Number and Place Value

Addition and Subtraction including money

Properties of Shape 

Multiplication and Division


Measurement (length and perimeter)

Measurement (time)



Our Science topics this term are 'Rocks and Soils' and 'Light'. As well as building on their knowledge and understanding, the children will be doing lots of practical investigative work to build on their ability to work scientifically and this will feed into their writing too.


The children will be building on their knowledge of keeping safe on-line and will be using digital photography to become digital artists.



The whole school themes of Responsibility and Respect provide the basis for our work this term.  During the first week of term the children explored the theme of Responsibility in depth a cross-curricular way, using the poem of 'Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody'.  We will be thinking about how we can take responsibility more effectively.  After half-term we explore Respect. 


In RE we will be exploring the question 'Who is my neighbour?', which will include studying the Christian story of The Good Samaritan and will find out about different religions in our locality.


We will be carrying on with learning to play the Ukulele, which is planned and taught by, Mr Kitcher, a specialist music teacher from Shropshire Music Service.  Children will be allowed to take their Ukuleles home to practise, but must remember them on a Wednesday morning for their lesson.


Art will be the focus of the second half of term commencing with a visit to an art gallery and finishing with the chance for parents to visit our very own 'art gallery'.  We will be working together with the other classes in Key Stage 2 to produce 4 pieces of artwork using a variety of techniques including printing and collage.


In Design Technology lessons we will be learning about the structure and design of bridges and will be building our own.


French is taught weekly and integrated into class routines.  We will be learning numbers from 11-20, some playground games in French and celebrating birthdays.  


PE during this half-term will be on a Monday and Friday. We will be using the dynamics we learnt about in dance to create some gymnastic sequences on the large equimpent and will be learning and developing skills for football.   Please ensure your PE kit is in school on a Monday and remains in school ALL WEEK as there may be times when the timetable changes and we need PE kits on different days!

Please do not hesitate to come in and ask any questions you have.

Many thanks for your support,


Mrs Wright and Mrs Wheeler