Miss Farrington's Class 

Year 1

Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and a Happy New Year!

Our topic this term is Carnival of the Animals. We will be focusing on the rainforest! 


In our Literacy work this term we will be creating fact files about the rainforest. We will learn the different features of a non-chronological report and we will be carrying out lots of research to include in our work.

We will then be writing our own shape poems, based on an animal that lives in the rainforest! I wonder which one you will choose? 

Stories from other cultures is our other area of Literacy to explore this half term. We will be learning about Toku and his adventures through the rainforest... 


Our topic this term is Carnival of Animals. We will be focusing on the rainforest and the animals of the rainforest. We will also explore the climate, the location and the differences and similarities between the rainforest and our forest school! We will learn about the different layers of the rainforest and what you can find in each layer. We will also be performing a production at the end of term based on the rainforest! How exciting - we have got LOTS to do! 


This terms PE will take place on a Thursday and Friday. Our outdoor PE sessions will be focusing on throwing and catching skills and for our indoor sessions we are lucky enough to have Mr Hulme teaching us gymnastics. Please have your PE kit in school all the time so that we can be flexible if the timetable adjusts at all. 


Our maths topics for this term are fractions, place value and multiplication and division! I am very impressed with how well we have adapted to the year one maths curriculum and you are all trying hard to learn those number facts to 20! Keep practising at home as these will help you all the way through school! Remember, a number bond is a special kind of number fact.


In Science this term we will be exploring how to keep fit and healthy and the importance of exercise and healthy foods! We will be designing a healthy picnic and doing everyday exercises to make sure we are as healthy as we can be!

We will also be exploring animals and their habitats which will feed nicely in to our topic work. We will be exploring how animals adapt to their surroundings and the different things animals and humans need to stay alive! 



Forest School

Forest School will take place on a Wednesday afternoon fortnightly and will be led by Miss Brassington. Letters detailing the dates your child will attend forest school will be in your child's book bag. There is also a list in the classroom so please ask if you are unsure. These sessions are a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn in our outdoor environment. They are able to take risks and experience nature first hand. However, these sessions can only take place with the fantastic help of our brilliant volunteers! If you are interested in helping with forest school sessions, please see Miss Farrington or Miss Brassington for more details. 


Homework will be sent out on a Wednesday and will need to be returned by the following Monday. Please support your child by helping them with their homework as this will help their progression in school. Homework will always relate to what the children have been focusing on in school. Please also ensure you find the reading book that is in your child’s book bag and share this with them daily. Spellings will also be found in your child’s book bag on a Friday. They will be tested on these the following Friday.



 Please see below the medium term plan for this term

If you have any questions or worries, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Miss Farrington