Miss Turner's Class

Welcome to Class 2


I am looking forward to a great year with all the children and I hope they are looking forward to coming back to school with lots to share after the 6 week summer holiday.   Please see some general information about Class 2 below.



Please make sure that reading books and records are brought into school every day.  This year we have changed the style of the reading records to include phonics as these remain a crucial part of the children's reading and spelling development.  Children need to read regularly to an adult for about 10 minutes each school night. It would be helpful if you could ask your child questions about what they have just read as this develops a greater understanding of text; questions such as, ‘who are the main characters?’ and ‘what do you think will happen next?’ are good places to start (there are also other ideas as discussion points in the new reading records). 



Spellings will be given out every Friday; your child will have a short spelling test within their spelling session and then they will be given new words which link in with the teaching for the following week.  Phonics remain crucial and these will continually be used in school, they can be found in the middle pages of the children's reading records.  



Homework will be given out on a Friday and needs to be handed in the following Wednesday to allow for it to be marked before the end of the week. 


PE & Wellies in the Woods

Named PE kit needs to be in school every day in a named bag on your child’s coat peg.  Our PE slot for this term is on a Wednesday afternoon but if the weather is good we may well take advantage of it and go out on different days.  We will go to Wellies in the Woods on Friday afternoons starting in a few weeks time.  If there are any willing parent volunteers who would like to come and join us, please let me know!  When we get started please ensure your child has appropriate clothing and wellies (which can be kept in school during the term) in order to be able to take part. 


Wellies in the Woods for this term will begin on ... tbc 


Many thanks in advance for your support.

If you have any queries at any point please get in touch with me. 



Please see the Yearly Plan below for our curriculum coverage this academic year.  




Watch this space... we are hoping to learn how to blog using the school twitter account to keep you all updated with what we have been up to.  


Look out for  #mwpsclass2  to find out all about our adventures!