Welcome to Mrs Eaton's Class 6E

Welcome to your last year at Much Wenlock Primary School!

This term our theme is 'A Street Through Time' focussing on: The Romans.  We will be exploring the question...

As part of this topic, we will be visiting Wroxeter Roman city, known to the Romans as 'Viroconium.'  This is a perfect example of 'What the Romans did for us' and it's right on our door step!

In Science this term we are going to be exploring 'Sound,' then 'Electricity.' As part of our electricity work we will be making a burglar alarm - combining science with our DT skills.

In Art and Design we will be contributing towards a whole school mosaic, making clay tiles and a helmet for a Roman soldier.


Honesty and Empathy are our themes for SMSC this term.  

Across the year we will be trying to build children’s sense of resilience through activities from the Chris Quigley book: ‘Secrets to success’ and the use of the different skills that lead to resilience known as the ‘Successometer.’



For the first half term, our PE sessions will be on  Friday afternoons up at William Brookes School, where will be swimming and playing Tag Rugby.  Please remember to bring your swimming gear and PE kit every Friday!  In the second half term we will be enjoying gym sessions every Friday afternoon with Mr Hulme.  Our outdoor PE will be Basket ball; this will take place on Wednesday afternoons.  Please ensure your PE kit remains in school from Monday to Friday every week and you have the correct school PE kit of white T shirt, dark bottoms and a pair of trainers.

A word about SATS...

I know many of you will be anxious about being in Year 6 due to the upcoming SATs and preparing for secondary school, but myself and Mrs Hawthorn are on hand to support you every step of the way, to ensure that you are pushing yourself to reach your maximum potential and showing everyone just how brilliant you are! 

A note for Parents/Carers...

Please support your child in encouraging your child to read as often as possible.  Children will receive homework for SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and Maths every Wednesday, which is due in on Monday mornings.  Please encourage your child to complete their homework on a Wednesday or a Thursday night so that if they have any problems completing it, they can ask myself or Mrs Hawthorn for help before it is due in on a Monday morning.


We are continuing with our spelling scheme: ‘Read Write Inc.’

To support their learning of spellings, the children will be given two spelling books to practise their spellings for the week: one to be kept in school for morning spelling practise each day, the other to be brought to school each Monday to stick in the new weekly spelling grid, then returned home to practise spellings at home each night.  Each book will have a grid where children can practise their spellings using a 'look, cover, write, check' method.  On Friday they will receive a test on a random selection of these words.  Please encourage your child to bring their 'home spelling book' home every Monday and to practise their spellings each evening using the 'look, cover, write, check method.'


Many thanks for all your support.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me.

Karen Eaton