Miss Holmes

Year 4

The summer term has arrived!

Now it is time for the children to show what they can do and how they have grown over the year!

Use the link below to see what we will be studying this term:


A few things that you may find useful to know.

Our topic this term is 'Passport to the World' as the World Cup is fast-approaching. We will research one of the countries which qualified and learn about the history of this country. 

 The country we will be finding out about is Mexico, with the aim of answering the question 'Why would Mexico be a good country to host the World Cup?' In the process, we will learn where the countries which have qualified for the World Cup are and what the Mexican landscape and culture is like. 


Of course, this topic also gives football fans the opportunity to enjoy watching and sharing the matches as well as the chance to track to results. 

Next half term, we will learn about the history of a civilisation of people who once lived in southern Mexico: The Ancient Maya. We will find out about their culture and achievements, comparing this with our knowledge of what was going on elsewhere in the world at this time.

This topic will be covered through many subjects and curriculum areas. 

Please feel free to explore this topic further with your child at home.


P.E. kits are required for outdoor sessions on Wednesday afternoons.

Sometimes, on Thursday afternoons, we go down to the forest school area for 'wellies in the woods' sessions. Please ensure your child has clothes that are appropriate for the weather - it can be a little unpredictable! Any parents who would like to join us for 'wellies in the woods' and help out would be very much appreciated! Please let me know if you would be interested in helping.


 A note for parents/carers

Homework will be set on a Wednesday and is due back in on a Monday. Please encourage your child to look at their homework when it is given out so that if they have any problems or are unable to complete it, they can attend homework club on a Thursday. 


 As part of our spelling scheme 'Read Write Inc', children are given log books and spelling books which have lists of words they are working on for each unit. In school, children are expected to practise their spellings everyday from Monday to Thursday. Please encourage your child to bring their spelling book home to practise each evening using the 'look, cover, write, check' method.  Spellings will be tested on a Friday. 


Children should be reading either independently or with someone at home everyday. They have reading diaries which should be filled in every time they read. The children also receive a raffle ticket for each entry in their reading diary, giving them the chance to win a prize at the end of each half term. The more raffle tickets, the more chance of winning! 


 It is important that children keep practising maths facts (addition, subtraction, division and times tables) as this helps to develop their fluency in mathematics. By the end of year 4, children are expected to recall all their times tables up to 12 x 12. In school, children have regular practice of these key facts but please also encourage your child to practise them at home too.



Feel free to come and speak to me if you have anything you wish to discuss.

Thank you for your support.


Sarah Holmes